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Pam's Daily Wave...

Hello and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

(One little guy's progression into the water in still photos on blog website at:

So, I know yesterday I posted a video, and I never usually post videos two days in a row.....but, yesterday morning, I had the unique experience of seeing the release of lots of rehabilitated injured turtles here in Hatteras Village, back to their ocean home - to say it was incredible, would be to sell this sight short....It was nothing short of magical (and pretty emotional too 💗).

Most of the turtles being released had been rescued during the winter when they were cold stunned - a hypothermic reaction experienced by marine reptiles, notably sea turtles, when exposed to cold water for prolonged periods, which causes them to become weak and inactive.

Whilst the cold weather is beyond our control.....Helium balloons are definitely under our control - One of the turtles, "Star Anise" had swallowed the 236cm/93inch ribbon that had been attached to the balloon!!!!!!! and was only saved by interventional surgery!

These particular turtles were from Connecticut, New England, Maine...

and of course, some that had been rescued by our wonderful Turtle volunteers here on Hatteras Island and rehabilitated at the Manteo Aquarium - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all those involved from Hatteras and Manteo, Connecticut, New England and Maine 🙏

Here are some photos from the release:

One by one in their boxes...

One little guy's adventure back to the ocean 💗

First feel of ocean water...

"This is AWESOME" 🐢🐢🐢

And he or she is off.....back to his ocean home 🌊

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....Please spare a moment to think about our incredible world, and its creatures and how sometimes our actions cause them needless harm.

Love and Hugs,


PS. Day 64 of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine....keeping the people of Ukraine in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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Debi Damas
Debi Damas
Apr 26, 2022

I have watched the turtles being release on other OBX sites. What an incredible site! I would love to see it in person. Thank you for posting how we can keep at least some of the reasons they get into trouble. Can't do much about ocean temps, but balloons - absolutely!

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