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“Pam articulates credible pictures and visions of possibilities. She has always viewed personal and professional development as a shared vision. I have learned through her mentorship how to apply my core goals and values to all aspects of my life - that finding balance at home and at work is critical. With Pam’s coaching over the last 5 years, I have achieved and exceeded my goals and am ready to elevate my vision!“

“My interactions with Pam have taught me more about myself, my skillset, and my potential that any other coaching. Her inspiring leadership has created healthy, successful work environments out of formerly toxic ones. Pam approaches all issues thoughtfully, compassionately and attentively. In my 30-year career, I have never had a more creative, supportive or encouraging mentor"

“I was lucky to have Pam assigned as my coach. Through her coaching, I was able to identify and place new strategies that ultimately allowed me to become a stronger leader. She provides invaluable guidance, a practical perspective and her passion for leadership coaching is unmistakable"  

“Pam places extraordinary value on people, in building relationships, in guiding one to see the bigger picture to implement the best solution. I have professionally and personally grown and benefited greatly by her perspective and feedback in my role.”

"I had the privilege of working with Pam in a leadership role. She has the innate ability to identify strengths in those around her and build on them for team success, as well as the development of that of the individual. Pam builds trusting relationships with everyone around her, and I learned a great deal through her guidance”

“Working closely with Pam, I witnessed both her amazing leadership and mentoring skills not only with me personally, but with many others throughout the organization. Her thoughtful and truly caring approach created a level of trust and comfort that even in the most difficult situations, provided clarity and ease toward moving forward with a positive outlook.  I found her professional knowledge and guidance to be an invaluable resource"

"Pam has an innate ability to recognize skills and talents within you that you yourself didn’t realize exist.  In addition, Pam is able to guide and encourage you while allowing you the autonomy to develop and lead your teams toward the company’s shared vision."

"Pam’s compassion for and commitment to helping others find their own path to self-discovery is so genuine. Using what she has learned from her own spiritual, heart and life struggles, she has made it her mission to give willing individuals a place, space and plan to renew, reflect, grow, learn, heal, forgive, — themselves and others —, explore, create, discover their resilience, and find a pathway to success, fulfillment, peace, happiness, and breathless, breakthrough self-love. Her goal and dream: to help people. It is as wonderful, real, and laden with positive power and potential as life itself. I truly believe Pam is a coach more than worthy of the title and role."

References available on request

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