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My Atlantic Retreat
Spring 2023 Dates to be announced soon
The Atlantic Inn, Hatteras


"Sometimes, you have to step outside the person you've been, and remember the person you were meant to be.

The person you want to be.

The person you are."                                                                                                                 HG Wells (1866-1946)

Is it time to write a new chapter in your life?

Too often, instead of being our own person, we identify solely with our current (or previous) role in life - Our career, our marriage, our relationships, being the mother of our children, being a caregiver etc., and when one of those changes or ends, we are lost....not quite sure who we are anymore.

Why not disconnect from your busy world for a few days, on the beautiful island of Hatteras. Find the time here at your Atlantic Retreat, to rediscover and reconnect to the real You, the one that lives behind the mask you may have created, the one you may have hidden....or maybe just forgot...


Your Atlantic Retreat begins the moment you cross the awe-inspiring Marc Basnight Bridge, over the Oregon Inlet. Breaking away from the role you play in your daily life - Employee, employer, boss, parent, spouse, partner, caregiver, colleague, friend... 


...the next few days are going to be "Your Time" - Your Relaxation, Your Inspiration, Your Dreams and Aspirations.





As you wind down this incredible ribbon of sand, with the beautiful waters of the Pamlico Sound on one side and the incredible Atlantic Ocean on the'll feel your shoulders begin to relax, your head begin to clear, and new adventures start to seem possible.













On arrival, I'll give you a tour of our century-old Atlantic Inn, so you may familiarize yourself with the different gathering spaces and also, the intimate, cozy spaces you can find, when you prefer some alone time. I'll then show you to your room/suite, where you can unpack, unwind, and settle in. If you arrive earlier, you may want to take a stroll along the beach, which is only 5 mins walk from the inn. 









Around 6pm, we'll begin gathering in the main lounge for "Welcome to My Atlantic" drinks and nibbles.  As a classic introvert, I know how difficult it can be to walk into a room with people you have never met before - you feel nervous and often intimidated - I can promise you this will be different, and you'll quickly feel like you belong with this group of awesome women.


Dinner will be a casual feast, where we can all eat some great food, enjoy a glass of wine, and get to know each other, (and please don't worry, there will be "no stand up, introduce yourself, and tell us all about your life"!!!), on the contrary, I hope to create an atmosphere of ambience and trust, where women can just be their authentic selves, and enjoy each others' company. No pressure to speak, no judgement, no preconceptions, all that is asked of you is, just a willingness to be Yourself.

off the merry go round.jpg

Over the next 3 days, we are going to step outside the roles we have been playing in our lives, name them, and acknowledge how important...or not, these roles are in our lives.





Through some insightful (and some fun 😉) exercises, we will learn to relax and become more present in our own world. We'll discover much more about ourselves - our personality traits, what drives us, what's truly important to us and why, and begin the journey to find our own true passion. 

We'll have fun....we'll laugh out loud, and I'm quite sure they may be a couple of tears shed along the way.... but it will all be within an atmosphere of friendship and trust.


With your new-found wisdom (and some awesome new friends), you will be much better equipped to set the foundations of a wonderful new chapter in your life.... To be the person you want to be....the person you truly are 💗

Beyond right and wrong, there is a place...

....I'll meet you there

                                                  (Adapted from writings of Rumi (1207-1273)


Activities will include:

  • Early Morning Yoga/Walk on the Beach/Journaling

  • An Introduction to Atlantic Mindfulness 

  • Disconnect to Reconnect

  • Acknowledging your Story

  • "Peeling back the layers"...Beginning the journey to find the real You...the Authentic You

  • Foundational Enneagram Personality Typing - Understanding what may drive your emotions, relationships, and decision making

  • What exactly is a Mindmap? and how do I use them?

  • Evening - "Vino Inspira Partum" - wine inspired creations (sip and paint)

Optional Extras Available (at Additional charge):

Massage Treatment

Additional Days on "Atlantic Time" (discounted room rates)


Retreat Package includes:

3 nights/4 days Accommodation at The Atlantic Inn, in Hatteras

(Rooms & Suites Available)

"Welcome to the Atlantic" gift bag

All meals, snacks, drinks

All Workshops/Classes

"Vino Inspiro Partum" evening

Each of the Atlantic's suites and rooms have their own unique and individual style, decor, and character, designed with your comfort in mind. As we are an historical building, the layout of rooms and suites vary, but all are equipped with wall mounted flat-screen TVs, Wifi, Keurig coffee maker and fridge for your convenience. Each room/suite has a private bathroom. For details of each specific room, you can click on:


Not Included:

Travel to and from Hatteras, North Carolina

Trip Insurance

Optional Extras

Retreat Cost from $775 (sharing 2 bed suite)

Single Occupancy from $950

Register for Reservation Information for Atlantic Retreats
Congrats and welcome to the start of your new adventure...
See you soon 😊
Registration Process:
  • Complete Registration Form
  • Retreat Information package will be sent to your email 
  • Complete and return Reservation Form  (This includes your room/suite choice/T-shirt Size/ any dietary requirements etc.)
  • Payment of Deposit  (30% of total cost)
Registration Process
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