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Be that Person you aspire to be, secure that Role you want, start that Adventure you dreamed of....    

...and Live a Life You Love
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"My Atlantic Retreat"
Oct/Nov 2022 Dates to be announced soon

"Transitions...from Crossroads to Adventure"
-Start Designing A Life You'll Love to Live 
Oct 2022 Dates to be announced soon      

      "Pam's Daily Wave" launched on blog  
Check out my Atlantic morning musings...a simple message every morning....it may be a quote, a photo, a short piece of writing, a poem, a picture - my hope is that it will perhaps make you smile, reflect, contemplate or inspire you....maybe just make your day a tiny bit brighter😊


"Pam’s compassion for and commitment to helping others find their own path to self-discovery is so genuine. Using what she has learned from her own spiritual, heart and life struggles, she has made it her mission to give willing individuals a place, space and plan to renew, reflect, grow, learn, heal, forgive, — themselves and others —, explore, create, discover their resilience, and find a pathway to success, fulfillment, peace, happiness, and breathless, breakthrough self-love. Her goal and dream: to help people. It is as wonderful, real, and laden with positive power and potential as life itself. I truly believe Pam is a coach more than worthy of the title and role." (Testimonial)

Why is my coaching program called My...Life Coaching?

Because you're the best person to fill in the blanks. You should name the life you have, or want to have. For example, mine is "My Atlantic Life". It reflects not just the geography of my life, but more importantly, my love of the ocean and how the element of water is critical to my happiness.

Who is The Restless Filly"?


Over the years, I have often been referred to as a "Restless Filly", always looking for something new, different, more exciting, and happy to move from one place to another seeking that new job, project, challenge...and Adventure. I'm the quintessential Restless Filly!  

Last year I found my perfect home....an almost 100 year old inn that required extensive renovations, in Hatteras on the Outer Banks. Although thousands of miles from my beach hometown in Scotland, I’d found a place that made me feel like I totally belonged – next to the ocean and the best place to continue My Atlantic Life Adventures...


Just Imagine for a moment...waking up every morning excited to start the new day. Knowing that you are living your best life—a life you love!

With My...Life Coaching, you have the time and space to put your normal routine on hold. To tune out the buzz of your world and explore the questions that matter—really matter:

• What makes me happy?
• What am I really good at?
• What is calling me?

• Where is my heart pulling me?
• Who am I—really?
• What choices do I have?
• What inspires me?

                 What am I truly passionate about?

These are important questions if you want to live a life of fulfillment, joy and contentment. With my coaching, you can break away from the roles you play every day—employee, parent, colleague, friend, volunteer, homeowner, caregiver—and invest time and energy in yourself. Your inspiration. Your dreams. The life you want to live.

It is possible. You can change. You can love your world. With My...Life Coaching, you’ll find the support and encouragement to make it happen.

Find Yourself...
The Atlantic Inn, Hatteras