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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life😊

This morning I thought I'd share with you a poem I have been working on for quite a while now (several months!!!). I usually shy away from rhyming poetry as I've never been any good at it, but when some of these words started appearing in my head whilst I was sitting on my beach one day, they just kind of sounded right....and I decided it was time to move my poetry out of my comfort zone and try to make it rhyme. So apologies, if the flow seems a little clunkier than goes -

"My Atlantic Life"

"My Atlantic Life…..a journey of serendipity

where every wave carries me closer to my destiny

A never-ending voyage of personal self-discovery

as I navigate the currents of my own sometimes harsh reality

My Atlantic Life…..a path I embrace

as the ocean colors change and the warm gulf breeze caresses my face

I feel so alive in that moment of time

And I know that the ocean’s magic will always be mine

My mind then goes to where the sea kisses the sky

That magical place where my dreams are born to fly

Where possibilities are endless, and hope is alive

My incredible Atlantic Life, where my heart and soul thrive

So, I’ll ride the waves of life with the rhythms of the tides

Always finding my way back home

… my blessed and wonderous Atlantic Life"

By Pam Buchholz

The poem was just an experiment, a way to make myself do something I'm not normally comfortable was it a success? I'm not sure, I'm still playing with it in my head....but, that wasn't the point - the point was to push myself into do something out-with my normal scope of poetry.

It's super easy to fall into a routine of only completing the tasks that we want or like to do, and leaving those other jobs, projects and ideas that may take a bit more work, or take us out of our nice, cozy, comfort zone, to be done later, or simply left on that great shelf of "stuff I'll do one day". Well, I'm dusting off that shelf and going to work my way through that "stuff", tossing away those projects that I know will never come to fruition, and triaging the ones that should at least be fully considered.

I'm also going to further my experiment, by trying to do at least one thing a day that makes me a little uneasy or perhaps a tad uncomfortable for the next couple of weeks, I'll be interested to see the progress of this particular little study 😁

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....what about you - are you ready to push yourself a little more?

Love and Hugs,


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