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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

*Warning.....lots and lots and lots of pics 💕

Apologies for not posting yesterday....but it was a rather special day for me - My son Lloyd had his 21st birthday!!! And, I couldn't resist taking a quick adventure via our wonderful ferry system to meet him on the mainland.

Lloyd is currently living in Wilmington (with a move to Asheville planned later in the summer), so it was it was only a hop, skip and a jump (or should I say...waking at 3:45am to ensure I got on the 5am Hatteras - Ocracoke ferry, a ferry crossing to Ocracoke, a rather anxious drive to Ocracoke village to catch the 7:30am as our crossing to Ocracoke was delayed courtesy of the shoaling, a ferry crossing to Cedar Island and then a drive down to Beaufort where we planned to meet 😉) to our birthday rendezvous in Beaufort, NC - Lloyd and his beautiful girlfriend Star, and little old me!

My morning adventure travels were nothing short of spectacular with mother nature putting on an incredible you know, I can't resist taking photos of such incredible beauty, so if you'll forgive my indulgence yet again - I'd like to show you the true beauty I was so privileged to witness.

As I crammed so much into the first day of my mini adventure, I'm going to split my pics and writing over a couple of days, so as not to overload you with too many pics!

I really hope you take the time to check the pics out, they illustrate how the day begins for many who live and work on the waters that surround my beautiful island home of Hatteras Village.

JB and I are up and about at 5am, to make sure we have everything ready for our guests at the inn (and also, so I can enjoy my sunrise "me time"💗), I'm now working on a blog post that shows how other people around our busy little village of Hatteras start their working day...(this one will take me a little while to pull together, so watch out for this particular post in the future)

As for my now, I'm signing off to go find another coffee somewhere....More from my mini adventure tomorrow...🥰

Here goes.....way too many to name!!

Leaving Hatteras...

Mr Moon

Rush Hour Hatteras Style...

So many different colors every time I took a photo...

Unbelievable skies....the stuff fairytales are made of

Our incredible Hatteras Village charter boats...😊

The sky just kept getting more and more beautiful...

Dawn Fishing Charters heading out....

My "Blue Mind"......Forever 💗

Sound Soarings....

Morning Coffee....Ferry Style

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....take a moment to ponder, what goes on in your town, village or city in the early, early hours of's pretty incredible!

Love and Hugs,


PS. Keeping the brave people of the Ukraine in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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Robin DiFabio
Robin DiFabio
May 19, 2022

Breathtaking!! Never tire of your photos, keep them coming!!


Jan Burris
Jan Burris
May 19, 2022

Beautiful! Wish I was there.


Debi Damas
Debi Damas
May 19, 2022

Such beautiful pictures! I would love that kind of rush hour! While I love the mid day sun, my absolute favorites are sunrise and sunset. The colors are so beautiful and in the OBX, I love the firey orange sky at night. Thank you for posting!


Susan Marie Bray
Susan Marie Bray
May 19, 2022

I visited beautiful Beaufort last summer with my daughter and drove down to Cedar Island. That was our 3rd trip to the Outer Banks. The first 2 years we stayed on Roanoke Island. I am in love with OBX. I am enjoying your blog (and am a bit envious!) My next visit will be to your inn.


Unknown member
May 18, 2022

I love your kind of rush hour! Hope you have a nice journey with few or no more delays. Enjoy! ☕️

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