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Pam's Daily Wave...

Hello and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

Come lose yourself in the moment,

my ocean whispers to me...

Close your eyes and open your mind,

my ocean whispers to me...

Hear the sound of your freedom,

my ocean whispers to me...

Come Find Yourself...

My ocean promises me 💗

This is truly how I feel when I'm next to the ocean. The sound of the waves breaking on the shore simply soothes my chaotic mind (you can read more about how writing helps with expressing what "Bubbles up" from my "maelstrom mind", in an earlier blog by clicking this link: ),

and I can find "me" again, the person I'm meant to be.

The thought that you sometimes have to "lose yourself" to "find yourself" can initially sound contradictory....why would I want to "lose myself in the moment"? But sometimes we get hung up on what, or who we "should be" or are "expected to be"....and by losing yourself, you can free up your mind - so the real, authentic you....the "you" you're meant to be, can swim to the


For some the "you" that emerges may be a little different than before...braver, stronger, more creative, more adventurous, more thoughtful, more determined, more resilient 😊

As one of my absolute fave sayings goes -

"Let the Sea Set You Free..."

This beautiful new week in my Hatteras home, is brought to you courtesy of a rather harsh Nor'easter that has blown in. That crazy weather is at it again....and, after a period of incredibly beautiful, warm and sunny days - yesterday, the winds switched from balmy, southerly breezes, to a gale force, rather chilly Nor'Easter!!!

A little different this morning....🌊

It's going to blow hard for the next few days, so everyone on the island is hunkering down for a bit of a bumpy ride....Life on a sandbar, 30 miles out in the Atlantic. With no visitors staying at the inn for a couple of days, I can play catch up with my ever-increasing "to do list" and of course, I'll be finding time to go sit by my beautiful, magical, and wild ocean.....where I can "lose myself" for a little while 💗

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and..maybe ponder - what may "float up to the surface" if you "lost yourself in the moment"?

Love and Hugs,


PS. As we enter a new week of opportunities......I'm praying that the Ukrainian people will have the opportunity of peace someday soon 🙏

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Jan Burris
Jan Burris
May 09, 2022

I love your plans and your poetry...and your ocean.


Debi Damas
Debi Damas
May 09, 2022

Love it!

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