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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to Friday from my Atlantic Life in Hatteras ๐Ÿ˜Š

Cloudy sunrise...

Today starts a little cloudy and damp in my island home, but with the promise of sun later this afternoon. As you may have guessed, I love to share the happenings in my Atlantic life, here on my spectacular ribbon of sand, 30 miles out in the ocean, that is The Outer Banks.

Last night on reading through my journal from last year, I noticed an entry on Thurs 8th April:

"This is the 1st morning I've worn my shorts, T-shirt and Olukais this year - It's awesome...I can kick off my flip flops and feel the sand between my toes once more๐Ÿ’—"

The 8th of April was the 1st day of my "summer season", as I choose to use the type of clothing and footwear I need to wear to determine the start of a new season - If I can wear

T-shirts, shorts and my Olukais....summer is beginning ๐ŸŒž, if I need to wear a fleece top, yoga pants and my Uggs....winter is setting in ๐Ÿฅถ

Of course there are days in Spring and Fall like yesterday, when I probably just look a tad confused.....wearing my fleece, Uggs and shorts!!!

The point I was going to make (yes, there's usually something running around my "crazy little lady brain") is that this year we are still in March and I started wearing my shorts and T-shirts a couple of weeks ago and I have already spent time laying in my huge round hammock (without a cozy blanket!) writing, whilst the sun has been hot - and yes, you guessed it, I've already managed to get a sunburned face a couple of times, forgetting how powerful the sun can be this early in the year.

Love my huge round hammock...๐Ÿ’—

I've already walked barefoot on the sand - and it feels warm....and paddled in the ocean (language alert.....JB just reminded me the "paddling" into water is a verb that is used to describe "wading" into the sea in Scotland, not in the US) correction, I've already "waded" into the ocean, which to my surprise, was extremely pleasant and warm. Having spent the first 30yrs of my life in my beach-town home of Ayr in Scotland - to "paddle" into the water in mid-March could have provoked a minimum your feet and legs would be numb๐Ÿ˜.

"Paddling" (wading) in the ocean with my dolphin friends ๐Ÿฅฐ

It most definitely feels like my island home is waking up from its winter slumber. We have many trees surrounding the back of the inn that don't go completely bare, like they did at the farm. With mainly evergreen maritime trees and shrubs that remain green, it gives us a feeling that there is always an element of life remaining around us throughout the year....even on the coldest, darkest winter days. But now we have the daffodils blooming and our plants waking up from their winter hibernation, new green growth everywhere ๐Ÿ’—

Bailey and Bodie ready for summer fun!

With an early summer, will (hopefully) come lots of wonderful new guests to our inn and of course the fantastic "friends" we made last year....๐Ÿค—

Our Atlantic Inn home

As anyone who follows the blog posts I write in winter knows, I love the super quiet of a Hatteras winter - a time for long walks with Bailey and Bodie on the beach, and cozy evenings with my favorite blanket and book, by the fireside.....but with the warmer weather, I'm instantly reminded why I love the summer too, and the awesome adventures it will bring!

Promises of summer...

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and...enjoy the thought that summer is just around the corner!

Love and Hugs,


PS. The incredible people of Ukraine remain in my thoughts and prayers ๐Ÿ™

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