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Catching Pam's Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life😊

This morning's "magical time" just before sunrise was so serene and calming, having the entire beach to myself was also pretty amazing.

I think it's pretty obvious that I love my Hatteras home and the way it makes me feel - evidenced by the multitude of photos I take and all the writing about the island that I do. Recently I got to thinking about how truly special and healing I find this magical place, and how it has helped me through some real rough patches....and this is what I wrote:

"Coming home to myself, a long-awaited embrace,

Escaping my chaotic world, my mind finally found a peaceful space,

My Hatteras haven, a refuge from life's storms,

Where I learned how to “just breathe”… and let my heart be re-born

Learning to let my sadness go, to release the heavy weight,

Learning to let my hang-ups go, to lighten the burdens I’d created,

Finally saying goodbye to some of those unresolved challenges,

that had haunted me for so long…..and stolen my happiness

My adventures, my Atlantic life, where the ocean meets the sky,

The place where my spirit soars, and I feel truly alive,

Rediscovering the beauty and passion, in the incredible world around me,

That helped renew my soul, and finally set my restless spirit free

For in this peaceful sanctuary, where the sea and sky unite,

I am reminded of the beauty, that surrounds me day and night,

And as I let go of the past, and embrace this present place,

I realize that I am coming home, to find myself…

…and that long awaited embrace

by Pam Buchholz

First Glimpse...

Just Magical...

If you look closely, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is in the distance

My little feathered friends

First peek from the sun

Just, Me, Myself and I...💕

Time to get back to help with breakfast 😊

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....have an incredible day!

Love and Hugs,


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