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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life😊

Well, after lots of sunshine over the past few's a cloudy one today - and that's absolutely fine with me!

Cloudy days so often get a bad reputation, as people have a habit of associating them with gloominess and negativity. However, I actually think there is so much more to appreciate and enjoy about these kinds of days. In fact, there are several reasons why cloudy days can be just as wonderful as sunny ones, if not more so.

As you know I love my serenity, and one of the biggest benefits of cloudy days is the sense of calm and tranquility that they can bring. The soft, diffused light that filters through the clouds can create a peaceful atmosphere, that is perfect for relaxation and reflection. This can be especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety or stress, as the soothing ambiance of a cloudy day can help quieten the mind, and promote a sense of inner peace....and for me, if you add in some rain even better (I'm truly such a water person 💧regardless of whether it's the ocean, river, lake, stream or even rain). The sound of rain on a window has always had an almost hypnotic effect on me - just as well because growing up in Scotland, we had more than our fair share of rain ☔.

Another positive aspect of cloudy days is the way that they can enhance the true beauty of the natural world. When the sun is shining, it can often be difficult to fully appreciate the intricate details of the landscape around us. However, on a cloudy day, the subtle colors and textures of the world can really come alive. Clouds can create dramatic shadows and contrasts, highlighting the ocean, sand dunes and buildings in a way that is both stunning and awe-inspiring.

Here are a quick collection of my cloudy days...




On the edge...

Taking Flight

Storm's a coming...

Still shining through...

Awe inspiring


Silver Linings


Now, if you happen to have a day off work.....bonus - cloudy days can also provide the perfect opportunity to engage in certain activities that you might not consider on a really sunny day (of which we get a lot of here in Hatteras as the sun is never far away from our beautiful island). It's the absolute best time to curl up on a comfy big chair or sofa with a huge mug of coffee, your fave blankie, and a good book, or to watch that movie you've been looking forward to seeing for ages, but just haven't found the right time yet. And don't get me started on how much cloudy days are perfect for spending time writing - whether it be journaling, composing a poem, creating a plan to take one of your dreams forward, or writing your next bestseller.....😉

Bodie and Bailey's cloudy day 😁

Pumpkin opting for the comfiest and coziest of places 💕

The Library Lounge, one of my favorite cloudy day places 😉

Ultimately, whether you love or hate cloudy days may just come down to personal preference. However, I think it's important to recognize that these kinds of days can be just as beautiful and fulfilling as sunny ones, if not more so. So the next time you wake up to find the sky covered in clouds, take a moment to appreciate the subtle beauty and tranquility that this weather can bring, and ponder on your potential cloudy day activities....Who knows, you might just end up enjoying it more than you ever thought possible 💕

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....whatever your weather may be, make the most of this day and every other day of your life 💗

Love and Hugs,


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Jeff Kanters
Jeff Kanters
03 Mar 2023

One of the photos titled 'breathless' a great title for the photo album of the ocean front. Cloudy days bring out the more vivid colors that the camera can capture. Why we are told to take outdoor photos on cloudy days. I love to capture my gardens on cloudy days for that reason and love the result.


Claudia Hurd
Claudia Hurd
02 Mar 2023

Love cloudy days! Your pictures are stunning as usual! Thank you!

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