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Pam’s Atlantic Week (in pics)

Hello and Welcome to my Atlantic Week😊

Well, as promised, here is my week in pictures.....a little different from my usual as this week I left for my hometown of Ayr in Scotland (via London).

Saturday 28th Jan - My Hatteras

Bailey and Bodie thought it was warm enough for a bit of a swim!

My Pelicans and Dolphins 💕

Leaving morning....🧳

And we're off....

First stop Raleigh Airport ✈️

Then.....Touch Down in London...

First stop, some good old British Pounds

And now for some British shopping.....couldn't resist a peek in the Harry Potter store 😁

Now, JB will remember this particular store 😉

After a's time for a British Breakfast 😋

And before long, it was take-off time stop Scotland

JB and I lived close to here, just outside London for a couple of years

And Scotland appears...

The City of Glasgow

The River Clyde, Glasgow

On the road again...

After spending a couple of days with Mom and Dad, whilst Mom recovers from her surgery, I ventured out for a wonderful walk along my Scottish beach - the one on other side of the Atlantic (Tomorrow's blog will be full of pics and descriptions of some of my discoveries)

The Heads of Ayr and the island of Ailsa Craig (much more info on these places tomorrow)

The Carrick Hills as seen from Ayr Pier - The Heads of Ayr and Aisla Craig in the distance

A chubby little Scottish feathered friend

Time to head back to Mom and Dad's - Getting a bit stormy looking

The Heads of Ayr through some sand dunes

JB sends me pics of Bailey, Bodie and Pumpkin

Bodie missing his mom...😔

Pumpkin does not appear to be missing me much...😸

Bailey spends a lot of time looking for me out the window 😔

Yesterday was rather cold, damp and dark, so it was a great day to watch the Six Nations Rugby tournament, from the warmth and comfort of Mom and Dad's living room.

And it wasn't long before Scotland scored a "Try" 🎉

(Try = 5 points A try is scored when the ball is grounded over the opponents’ goal-line in the in-goal area.

Conversion = 2 points

After scoring a try, that team can attempt to add two further points by kicking the ball over the crossbar and between the posts from a place in line with where the try was scored

Penalty = 3 points

When awarded a penalty after an infringement by the opposition, a team may choose to kick at goal.)

Then another.....

And so it went until the final score was a 29-23 win for Scotland!!!!! 🏆

Next game will be against Wales on the 11th Feb - Looking forward to that one 😊

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....I'll check in with you tomorrow💕

Love and Hugs,


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