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Catching Pam's Wave....the musings and meanderings are back 😊

Wow, I'm so sorry -  that was a slightly longer break from posting my blog than I intended....the summer simply got super busy, and although I would manage to find a little time in my day to write, there was no time left to type it up and post (maybe I should consider doing a "podcast" in the busy summer months - not quite sure that would work though with my demented pixie Scottish accent 🤪).


I would like to thank all those that e-mailed/messaged me during my blog break, to let me know how much they missed my musings and meanderings, your notes were greatly appreciated 💕 I truly missed posting regularly and am so glad to now have more time to write and publish my blog again, it makes my heart happy!

Let me begin again...

"Let my beautifully crafted pen glide effortlessly across the page,

the ebony ink dancing delicately over the blank and empty spaces

The multitude of thoughts that have tumbled relentlessly around my messy mind,

now spilling ever-so silently onto the pages

What once was confusion becomes clear, chaos turns to calm, my restlessness stills,

and that fragile balance of perfect harmony please, let me begin again"

by Pami

So, after a wonderful spring/summer/fall at the "Atlantic" meeting lots of new guests and getting to spend time with many of our awesome returning friends, JB and I have closed the inn for our winter break. All can be read on the latest inn blog:

That was only 2 weeks ago.... since then, JB has been to Nebraska to visit with his 94yr old Dad, and on his return, we headed to the Tryon International Equestrian Center, near Lake Lure, NC, where we had a Thanksgiving break - Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Village, Dinner with Santa, an incredible nighttime Drone Show, Drive thru Christmas lights, several bands playing live, and much was an awesome festive experience and much of it was absolutely free! We also took some time to explore the area around Lake Lure, which was incredibly beautiful.... if a little chilly 🥶


Trip to Tryon International Equestrian Center

Cheers from Legends at Tryon

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hugs with Santa

Drone Show...

Near Chimney Rock Village

Back to Tryon

Roger's Diner our go to breakfast place at Tryon

Tryon Winterfest 😊

We got back to the inn earlier this week, and before long it was time to pack my suitcase for another adventure – I’m leaving my beloved Hatteras island to visit Scotland again, but this time, I’m going via Iceland (yes, the place where there is currently lots of volcanic activity 😳). I have a one-day stopover in Reykjavik on my way to Scotland, and a three-day stopover on my return journey (I wanted plenty of time to do some exploring on this incredible island).

Now, at the time of booking, I thought this was a great idea, I could avoid the chaos that ensues at London Heathrow during the Holiday period, it was cheaper than flying via London….and I would also get to see a little of Iceland, which will be super festive at this time of year, but now I’m not quite so sure….with an imminent volcanic eruption predicted just south of Reykjavik, it’s sure to be an adventure!

With my suitcase packed with lots of warm clothes and my travel blanket - I'm most definitely going with functional clothing as opposed to the time of writing this, it is 26 degrees in Iceland, and 34 degrees in Scotland (and my Mom just informed me that dad may have to "dig" the car out when they come to Glasgow airport to pick me up as it has been snowing rather heavily!!!!).

You can fly direct to Iceland from Raleigh, which is awesome as it means I only have one connecting flight to get to Scotland....and, with several books loaded on audible, I certainly didn't mind the road-trip 😊 Five hours later....I was checked-in and waiting on my evening flight to Reykjavik!

If you'd like to follow along with my latest adventure, I'll be posting updates (and lots of pics 📷) on my blog. I most likely won't have the time to post every update to the Facebook groups I belong to, so the best way to follow me, is to either log in to regularly, or join my news/update e-mail list, this will ensure you receive a notification to your inbox when a new blog is posted (you can join the list by putting your e-mail address in the box on the top right hand corner of the My Atlantic Life homepage: ).

Well, the next time I write I'll be somewhere over the Atlantic......or in Iceland 💕

Until then...

Take care, Stay Safe and...."Bless i bili"

("bye for now" in Icelandic 😉)

Love and Hugs,

Pam 🥰

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Jeff Kanters
Jeff Kanters
Dec 03, 2023

Have safe and wonderful travels.


Michelle Spohn
Michelle Spohn
Dec 03, 2023

Enjoy your amazing Adventure! Looking forward to following along. Love the Thanksgiving photos and good to hear the Inn had a good and busy season.


Safe travels! Welcome back!


Debi Damas
Debi Damas
Dec 03, 2023

Safe travels and a meerry Christmas! I always love your posts and find them inspiring. I have certainly missed them but am so happy that the Inn is doing so well that you don't have time to post!

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