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Catching Pam's Wave....From Iceland 💕

Hallo from my Atlantic life in Iceland!!

Well my flight with Icelandair was great, although it was a full flight, the flight attendants were super-efficient and polite. With a flight time of only 6 hours, I didn’t get much sleep. Instead, I opted to watch an Icelandic TV series…. There were plenty of English-speaking options for TV and movies, but I actually really enjoy Icelandic (and Scandinavian TV and movies). In fact, back home in Hatteras, it’s often my choice of viewing, especially in the winter when I have time to watch TV – I find the storylines and plot twists often quite complex and clever, you really have to pay attention to all of the details to fully enjoy their mysteries and crime dramas.

Icelandic caramel popcorn and a glass of red wine accompanied my viewing pleasure

It took me a little while to convince JB, but now he too gets hooked on Icelandic and Scandinavian programs. Although JB prefers the shows/movies that are dubbed – you know when the actors are speaking their native language, but this is scrubbed and replaced with English speaking dialogue (and their mouths don’t sync with the words!). I much prefer to hear the original language it was filmed in, and to read the English subtitles.

There are some languages I simply enjoy listening to …and some that I don’t 🤪 – Icelandic and Scandinavian languages are definite faves of mine. My Icelandair flight was therefore rather an enjoyable one…. great food, great TV, great wine, and great service, what more could I ask for (hmmmmm a flat bed like in British Airways Business Class would have been nice......but a lot more expensive and without the Icelandic charm!!!)

Dinner on board was excellent 😊

After having flown over the evacuated village of Grindavik (where all the residents were evacuated a couple of weeks ago due to the fear of an imminent volcanic eruption), we landed safely at Keflavik airport at 6:30am. Clearing passport control was easy and very efficient, and then it was off to find my rather large….rather pink suitcase, before passing through customs and stepping out into Iceland….Wow!

Welcome to Iceland...

I had booked a hotel very close to the airport, as I have a 7:30am flight to Glasgow tomorrow morning, which meant I could easily walk the short distance of a few hundred yards and didn’t have to wait on a cab or bus.

As I stepped out of the terminal building into the chilly 22-degree Icelandic air, I noticed that all of the cars in the car park were covered in a thick white frost….and I suddenly realized it had been ages since I had seen this – Hatteras is not exactly known for its frost and ice 😉

The walk was wonderful, the air crisp and clear and, as it was such a short walk, I decided it was worth seeing if I could get an early check-in at the hotel….You can imagine my surprise when for only an extra ~4,000 Icelandic Krona (~$30), I could check in to my room at 7am – and seeing as I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours, it was certainly a welcome surprise! Within 10mins, I was in my comfy room freshening up for breakfast.

I just had to bring my cozy My Restless blankie 🥰

Overlooking Kevlavik airport

After a delightful breakfast, I thought I’d try to get some sleep….it was almost 10am and still dark outside - being closer to the Arctic Circle, in winter it stays dark a lot longer in Iceland. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours before opening my eyes and looking out my window…. Wow is all I can say!!!! When I had looked out earlier it had still been dark, but now that it was daylight, I could see snowy mountains in the distance and the ocean in the opposite direction. Even though the hotel was in an airport carpark, the sky and surrounding area were quite beautiful. A brisk walk in the wonderfully fresh Icelandic air filled my head with thoughts of thankfulness for the start of another of my adventures.... and I think this one might just be an awesome one, for many reasons!

Finally some daylight 🌞

Snowy mountains...

Icelandic artwork surrounds the airport

Before soon the sun was sinking in the sky and the magical Icelandic darkness returned

On returning from my walk, it was time to relax and write, with an awesome peacefulness in my head and my heart........before heading down to the hotel restaurant for an absolutely delicious Icelandic meal.

Dinner was delish - although was unsure as to what the veggies were as I don't read Icelandic, but looked forward to the surprise....and it certainly didn't disappoint 😋

Tomorrow brings an early start with a 5am check-in for my flight to Glasgow and the great joy of hugging my parents again💕💕🙏 (fingers crossed that they can it to the airport in the snow).

Until next time,

Farou varlega ("Take care" in Icelandic 😉)

Love and Hugs,

Pam 🥰

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Kirk McNeill
Kirk McNeill
Dec 05, 2023

Beautiful.... I was there a few years on my way to Glasgow. I was lucky enough to stay and tour Iceland for 4 days. Enjoy your homeland. I miss it. You may remember that my family is from Kentyre and the isle of Gigha.


Debi Damas
Debi Damas
Dec 04, 2023



Jeff Kanters
Jeff Kanters
Dec 04, 2023

Here we go. Thanks for bringing me along on this trip. Great pictures!

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