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Catching Pam's Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life😊

Well, with the Atlantic Inn now open again, it’s been a super busy start to the season….and we have already had some of the best guests/friends stay with us….it’s been awesome! Although, as I predicted, keeping up with my blog can be a challenge – whereas I always manage to find some time in my day to write, the delay is in the typing of it up onto my laptop, which obviously, is not as enjoyable as writing, and simply takes too long (I do try to use Microsoft Word’s dictation software, unfortunately my Scottish accent only seems to confuse my poor software and I often spend more time correcting some of the ridiculous sentences the software creates, than if I just type it all out!), hence the delay in posting. It’s not that I haven’t got much to post, on the contrary, I’ve got so many musings and meanderings written…’s just that I run out of time in my day to type it all up and publish it!

The weekend managed to fly by before I even got to post my Atlantic Week in pics...So I thought I would start this week by giving you a sneak peek at my crazy life right now. This was how last week went...

With an inn full of guests, it's wonderful when we have our Hatteras Light Show aka sunset, for them to watch 💕

With colors and shapes changing constantly...

It's the most fantastic show 🥰

Most of the week was absolutely stunning with the sun shining all day, not a cloud in the sky until evening, when the sunset reflecting on the arriving clouds were just spectacular...

Simply incredible skies...

Night after night 😊

Just as well JB and I are early birds (me not naturally, but I've adopted the practice now and love early morning)....awake at 5am and after our first coffee with Bailey, Bodie and Pumpkin, it's time to prepare breakfast for our guests - here were some of last week's selection:

Taco Tuesday - Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Cheese and Avocado with salsa on the side

Self-Serve Monday is the one day of the week that we don't cook breakfasts to order and instead prepare a breakfast bar - this one had JB's Breakfast Casserole, which is hash browns, topped with sausage, scrambled eggs and colby jack cheese, as well as all the usual breakfast bar offerings

We saw the return of JB's Breakfast Bowl - Hash Browns topped with crumbled sausage, then smothered with sausage gravy and some melted Colby Jack melted to top it off!

Then there was the ever-popular French Toast Friday...

I even managed to find some time to bake my Scottish Sausage Rolls, which must have been okay, as they disappeared rapidly 😉

With such beautiful weather, JB and I got some more of the finishing touches done on the Courtyard Deck - Planting bushes and plants, tending my tiny herb garden, assembling the new patio umbrellas and sun loungers, JB worked on his lighting project ,and I built a little water feature - I just love the sound of water - especially when I'm laying in my huge hammock or lazing on one of the comfy new sun loungers ☀️😎⛲

A couple of our new planters

We love to use fresh herbs in our kitchen 💕

My baby tomato plants 🌱

I couldn't find a water feature that I liked, so I created one myself.....and it actually works!!!! So, now we have our tiny porch fountain, my little zen pond out front, and my mini rock pond out back....Oh, and I also have a teensy shell waterfall in the reception area that my awesome friend Gina gave me for my birthday.

Now, not only can I hear the ocean in the distance, but I can walk from the front car park of the inn, through reception and out to the Courtyard Deck and always hear the sound of moving water....for a Piscean like me, this is just the best 💕🧜‍♀️

When the inn is busy, life can get a tad hectic - I often have trips to the Red and White store in the village, Connors in Buxton and Food Lion in Avon several times a week, to make sure we have plenty fresh food for breakfasts. On Thursday, I had been rushing around most of the day, including one of those trips to Connors and Food Lion, so when I came back to Jake the Jeep pushing my loaded shopping cart and found I had been "ducked" by another Wrangler owner, it made my day 😊.

It's funny how it's often the smallest things in life that sometimes mean the most....and this little surf duck made me smile, I was super appreciative of whomever had taken the time out of their day to leave me this little guy💕

Well, on Thursday the wind began flags started flying, and that was just the beginning...

By Friday, the weather had definitely taken a turn for the worse.....from shorts and T-shirts we suddenly went back to sweaters and pants....Bodie and Bailey assumed their storm positions!!!

With the weather making outdoor projects impossible, it was time to restock the Atlantic Innspirations gift shop..... I had about 80 T-shirts and sweatshirts to fold, so I popped my airpods in, found a good book on Amazon Audible, and started folding

And my Atlantic roared....

.....and crashed

....and flexed its muscles 💕

Bodie found one of JB's hoodies and wouldn't let it go, so JB put it on him - and he loved it.....just the thing to snuggle up in, and take a nice long snooze 😴

So, that was a glimpse of my week, there was a lot more to do.....but I'm sure you don't need to see pics of me cleaning, baking, writing, or doing the accounts 😉

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was working on a post about "solo travel" - well, what started as a short blog has morphed into a much larger piece….and even then, it’s much shorter than it could be….there’s easily enough on this topic swirling around in my head for a book…To say I’m enthusiastic about travelling alone is very much an understatement…..I love it💕💕As I don't want to post a super, super long blog, I've decided to split it into 3 parts and post over a few days, so be on the lookout for those.

This morning, I'm happy to report that the sun is back in all her glory, although it's still a little windy....but as I love to remind people, we are a group of sandbar islands 30 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean - it's going to be windy 😉​

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....Enjoy your week!

Love and Hugs,

Pam 💕

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4 comentarios

Jeff Kanters
Jeff Kanters
10 abr 2023

I want to curl up with the dogs! Love the water feature miss fellow water sign! Outstanding.

Happy spring to you and John.

Love and hugs

Jeff and Joe

Me gusta

Leigh Hritz Webb
Leigh Hritz Webb
10 abr 2023

We are very excited to be with you and JB in just over a month!!! The updates look incredible! 🤗

Me gusta

Claudia Hurd
Claudia Hurd
10 abr 2023

I was so happy to see you post! I know how busy you and JB are right now and so your writing and beautiful photography are very much appreciated.

Me gusta

Esther Sides
Esther Sides
10 abr 2023

LOVE your photos! I'll be in Hatteras Village the first 2 weeks of May and I can't wait for those awesome sunrises and sunsets. Also love the photos of your fur babies, especially their "storm positions" 😊. I have a yellow lab - the best! We love to take sunrise walks on the beach 💛

Me gusta
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