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Pam's Daily Wave

Good Morning 😊

As I've recently shared some of my thoughts, it occurred to me that you may want to understand the genesis of My Atlantic Life....

My Atlantic life began 4000 miles away, next to the Atlantic Ocean, in a small beach town called Ayr, in Scotland. Now, over 50 years later, I find myself living in Hatteras Village, a tiny dot on the US map, which lies on a ribbon of sand, 30 miles from the North Carolina mainland on the Outer Banks…in the Atlantic Ocean.

How many times have I crossed that incredible, vast, body of water?...I've lost count. The Atlantic Ocean has seen me at my happiest, my saddest, my most enthused, my most drained, my most hopeful and my most hopeless, my lost and my found - My Atlantic Ocean…my constant.

I've always known that my heart belongs to the ocean, the same way some people know there's belongs to the mountains. It's not to say that I can't be happy in other places, I absolutely can, and have been many times. But there's just a special, indescribable feeling of belonging, that the ocean brings me.

A Piscean, I truly am a water sign – I need the element H20 not only to survive, but to thrive. I feel an incredible calmness when I can be near water - being born and growing up in a small coastal town, probably plays a big part in this. With miles and miles of wide, sandy beaches - this was where I always headed to when I needed to think, to clear my head - the feeling of the salty breeze on my face, the sound of the crashing or lapping waves, the ever changing, ever moving water. Some of my earliest memories, are of my Mom taking me to the beach during the summers. She would walk us to a beautiful beach, where she would spread a large blanket on the sand, and we would stay most of the day. Just playing in the sand, paddling in the water, and eating the simple lunch of sandwiches that she had made earlier that morning, which always tasted so much yummier, when eaten on the beach...….and then the long walk back home, still smelling the salty sea air, feeling the warmth of the late afternoon sun on our skin - with no care or worries in the world.

So, now you know a little bit more about me....and why I love My Atlantic.

As for this morning, I think there are 2 lovely labradors, waiting patiently, hoping I'll take them for a swim 😊

Bailey and surf pups 💕

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, be kind to yourself, and take time to relax.

Until next time,

Take care,


Pam 😊

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