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Pam's Daily Wave

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Good morning....😊

So, apologies that the font is so small on today's pic, but I wanted to fit a slightly longer poem than usual on this beautiful photo.

I thought it probably be wise to present the poem below, in a more user friendly font (particularly for people like me who are getting on a bit and our eyesight isn't what is used to be😉).

My Atlantic Time

Early morning, still dark

Next to my ocean

Crashing waves, the cool breeze blowing, sand shifting

I breathe….

Alone, yet not,

Still, yet not,

Older, yet not,

I’m that curious, smiling child again…







Connection - to the ocean, to my world, to me…

This is my time…

to lose myself,

to find myself,

to allow myself to love, and be loved,

to accept myself for who I am,

to recognize I don’t have to be in control,

This is my time to shine, to love, to be free…to be me

This is My Atlantic Time…

Pam Buchholz - My Atlantic Life

There are many mornings, I actually gasp in awe, at the incredible sight that I'm privileged to witness on my beach at Hatteras. There is no man-made paint palette that could ever hope to create the magnificent colors that appear at sunrise....💕

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Until next time,



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