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Pam's Daily Wave...

Sunset from the Atlantic Inn, Hatteras

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

Before I head off on my travels, I'd like to start a new feature on my blog. As you know, I love, love, love writing, but one of my other favorite things to do, is to capture “moments in time” on photograph, as “moments” will never happen in exactly the same way, ever again - Some of these photos make it into my blog, whilst others do not.

At the end of the my week, I like to spend some time cozied up on the sofa (usually with a glass of red wine😉), looking at the pics I've captured during my week. Often these images are of beautiful scenes captured at the beach, sunrises, soaring birds etc., but there are also others I did not take necessarily because of their esthetic beauty - they are just daily things that happen around me.....things that make me laugh, make me smile, surprise me, make my crazy little lady-brain go into over-drive, or spark my rather overactive imagination. Most of those photos don't make it onto my "Daily Wave", as often the images are not relevant to the post I've written that day. But, I got to thinking that some of these may cause You to laugh or smile, may brighten Your day, make You think a little more, spark Your imagination…, a new idea popped into my crazy little lady brain:-

On weekends I will postPam's Atlantic Week” which will all be in picture format, with the only writing being descriptions/context of the photos if needed. Like the thoughts that sometimes bounce around my head, the pics will be rather random - the only thing they that will definitely have in common is, that these "moments" were captured during my week.

I'll aim on posting “Pam's Atlantic Week” at some point on Saturdays, with no blog post on Sundays, unless my Saturday is super busy, in which case I may need to post the " Atlantic Week” on Sunday.

Now, for those that like information succinct (although most of those will have left my post by now, as I can be rather “wordy”), my blog schedule will be as follows:

Monday – Friday “Pam’s Daily Wave

Saturday/Sunday “Pam’s Atlantic Week (in pics)

Please remember, in future "Atlantic Week" posts there will be a limited number of words, so here goes the first....

"Pam's Atlantic Week"

This week's pics were all taken in Hatteras

Winter weekends at the inn - Bailey and Bodie waiting on the football to begin...

Of course, there was a sunrise or two...

My feathered friend, Percy Pelican

The many moods of my Hatteras Beach...

My morning return to the inn after some beach time

Mr Bailey....editor in chief

An incredible sunset behind the inn, on Thursday evening

The storms rolled in...

....and the Xtratufs were required!!

One of the many military planes that we see all the time here in Hatteras

Our new birdbox.....A British mailbox 😊

Another wild Friday night in the off season at the Atlantic Inn

Well, I've still got quite a few things on my trip prep "to do" list.....finish packing, download audible books, last minute shopping, print out my itinerary (old habits die hard....I always like to have a paper back up in case my phone fails), ensure all electronics are charged, choose a couple of books for flights, find passport etc. so I had best get going 😉

Next time you hear from me, I'll be starting my adventure....will post a quick blog early on Monday, before I leave for Raleigh 💕 Speak with you then....

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....Take some time over the weekend to relax, you deserve it!

Love and Hugs,


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