Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome back to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

....and yes, it's bit of a photofest, best seen on the blog website!!

I didn't mean to take a break from writing my “Daily Wave”.…it just sort of happened: -

Our season started early with an awesome women’s retreat at the beginning of March….and before we knew it, we were super busy and had rooms reserved throughout the summer. I started countless pieces of writing, only to have to put them down to work around the inn, by the time I'd pick them up again, with the flow of words interrupted, I'd struggle to pick up where I had left off.

Fun and Games at the "My Atlantic" Retreat

In the background, Pumpkin is looking for his yoga mat!

.......Yoga at our next retreat will be on our beautiful new "Courtyard Deck" (Thanks JB, you're awsome 🥰)

As many of you know, my favorite time to visit my beloved beach, is just before sunrise…. but, with an inn full of guests expecting to wake up to a hearty breakfast feast, JB and I were busy working in the kitchen before sunrise to make sure everything was ready for breakfast time.

Atlantic Breakfasts...

By the time we were freed up for one of us to leave the inn, it was afternoon….and sometimes the beach can just be a tad too “peopley” for me during the busier summer months.

Busy summer beach...

After the quiet winter months of January and February when we close the inn, we were so excited (as I’m sure was our bank manager 😊) to have guests visit with us again, that we completely forgot to plan a few days off for ourselves over the summer period.

For us, owning and running our beloved inn is a 24hrs a day, 7 days a week commitment…. there are no days off. Unlike a restaurant, we can’t close one day a week, we need to be open every single day. The only way for us to take a day off is to block all our rooms/suites for a couple of days, so they cannot be reserved…..something that needs to be done in advance – and for us, during the summer months, that needs to be done many months in advance, which we forgot to do!!!

By the time we realized that we hadn’t blocked off any time, it was too late, we had guests booked in every day for several months. It didn’t matter that in some instances there may only be a couple of rooms booked, this makes no difference to our ability to take a day off and leave the inn together, whether it’s one person or an inn-full, we need to be present – to be up super early in the morning and available throughout the day….and often well into the night.

Whilst I’m super grateful for the inn being busy during the summer season, months of consecutive 5am starts, and long days stretching into long nights, had started to take their toll…we were tired and a tad stressed (owning a “fledgling” business in our current economic climate is not for the faint-hearted , with soaring costs and little to no way to recoup these seemingly ever - increasing expenses, it can challenge even the bravest of us adventurers!!).

Our "Waterboys"....Kiter, Windsurfer and Surfer 🌊

One of our super talented guests, playing "Alba" - a piece of music we found at the inn when we were renovating

Fortunately for us we’ve continued to have the absolute best guests visit with us. We were a little concerned that last year had been a one off, that we had just been lucky with the people that had chosen to stay at the “Atlantic” and that this our second year, we wouldn’t be so lucky…. But we can honestly say, it has been wonderful!

Now, there are always the occasional few guests (for us these have been very few and far between) that are more of a challenge – the ones that cause me to lay awake at night wondering if we really want to be owners of an inn, wouldn’t it just be a whole lot easier to go back to clinical research leadership and earn nice salaries!!!!

Then I think about the quality of life that we have here in Hatteras, the fun we have running the inn, and the absolutely incredible people we get to meet….and the thoughts and fears of that particular sleepless night disappear in an instant.