Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

What hidden beauty lies beneath...

For years, sleeping silently, in stillness,

Cast aside by convention

Cocooned in opinions

Buried by responsibilities

- to be smothered by the sands of time

- It took only a wave….

to uncover that elusive treasure

to reveal those long-forgotten dreams

and..... in that precious moment, something stirred in her...

the courage that had once deserted her

the inspiration she thought lost

the hope that had once slipped away

the adventure, that had shifted out of reach…. suddenly returned

-It took only a wave….

by Pam Buchholz – My Atlantic Life

Wave - Definition: To move one's hand in a greeting; A body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore; The motion of feelings or emotions passing over you

(Pam's Daily Wave - started Sept 14th 2021)

Have you ever had an idea that, when it was created in your head seemed incredible, fantastic, and entirely possible... but, when spoken aloud to someone else, on seeing their reaction, seemed silly, crazy, stupid and just plain unrealistic? Maybe they even voiced those opinions....😌

Have you ever dreamt of what you want to become.... only to have your dream crushed under the weight of your many (sometimes perceived) responsibilities?

or Had a plan for your life that was just that little bit different....but didn't conform to how others' thought your life should look?

How many dreams, plans and ideas have been forgotten.....lost in our attempt to "blend in" "be normal" (whatever that even means...), to follow "convention" or, that simply got put on the back-burner as we carried out our "duties", chores, tasks and errands?

That once burning desire, that passion, that incredible opportunity.... shelved, just for a little while until we could find the time, the finances, the support - the green light to go ahead..... the green light that never quite seemed to appear. And, the "little while" becomes a tad longer, and longer....until the dream, plan or idea fades and becomes smothered by the sand of time.

Walking on the beach here in Hatteras as often as I do, I've been privileged to witness the beauty that lies beneath the sand, when one of the many shipwrecks appears....a wave uncovering its beauty and mystique. On photographing these incredible wrecks that appear out of the sand and water, I am often reminded of how we humans have so much beauty hidden beneath....the incredible promise that each of us possesses

What hidden beauty lies beneath...."The Flambeau wreck"

For me, I've always tried, if possible to turn my dreams, plans and ideas into reality.....they become adventures 😉

And, when someone told me not to, or I couldn't, or I shouldn't....well, that just made me all the more determined to go full steam ahead!!!! (although occasionally this was to my detriment.....yes Mom, you were definitely right on a couple of your "please don't do thats...", but on the whole, I've had some incredibly awesome and fun adventures...travelled all over the world, met some of the most amazing and interesting people, seen so many beautiful sights, done so many fun activities, had some awesome experiences.......and is now one of the reason I love running women's retreats at the inn, so others can find what it is they need to move forward with their hopes and dreams for their future 💗

So, what will it take to uncover those treasures for you? Confidence? Courage? Inspiration?

- You have all those things inside you....just waiting to be found again

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....why not think about....what hidden beauty may lie beneath, in your life?

Love and Hugs,


PS. Keeping the resilient people of the Ukraine in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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