Pam's Daily Wave...

Hello and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

Change is inevitable…Sometimes though, it can take you by surprise!

Since moving to Hatteras, one of our fave places to go, is all the way along the beach to the right of Ramp 55 (or along Pole Road if the tide is super high) to the end of the island - where the Pamlico Sound meets my Atlantic Ocean. It’s an incredible place of wild and natural beauty and unparalleled views over the sound to the island of Ocracoke.

One of our fave places on Hatteras....especially in the off-season when you feel a little like Robinson Crusoe on a deserted island!

On Monday afternoon, after driving along Pole Road (the beach at Ramp 55 was a little too “peopley” for me to want to drive along), I had parked Jake on the beach, and was walking towards the Point, which sadly had many uprooted trees on the shoreline.

So many uprooted trees...hauntingly beautiful, but sad, as this indicates the destruction of the maritime woodland at the end of our island, as erosion takes over.

On passing the trees, the end of the island suddenly became clearly visible and the sight that met me was a bit of a surprise...

"Party Island!"

A sandbar in the Hatteras inlet had substantially grown, so much so that it had become a sandy island - big enough for people to anchor their boats and set up their beach chairs and coolers on the little sandy isle, to enjoy their 4th of July celebrations!!

Boats moored at the sandbar island

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes….an island in the inlet 🏝 - but it did remind me that life is very much like the many sandbars/shoals that surround us here in Hatteras, always shifting, ever changing.