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Pam's Daily Wave...

Updated: May 23, 2022

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

This is another photofest, and if you have the time, is definitely worth looking at on the blog website page:

Apologies for not posting for a few days, but I’ve had some technical challenges with my usually trusty Surface laptop not holding a charge….now I've got it up and running again, so here goes…

Mini Adventure Part II:

After my incredible sunrise ferry from Hatteras to Ocracoke, it was time for ferry number two….this one, to Cedar Island. The crossing was superb - the sun was shining, and there was a wonderful breeze, as we headed across the Pamlico Sound. This was the first time I had done this journey, and I would most definitely recommend it. With my coffee in hand, sitting in the sun, writing in my was a most delightful and relaxing way to travel.

Awesome cloud patterns

Arriving in Cedar Island

On arrival in Cedar Island, I was quickly off the ferry and driving towards Beaufort, which was only 50 mins away.


What a pretty little town Beaufort is, sitting right on the water, it was the perfect place to meet up with Lloyd to celebrate his 21st birthday... and I even got a pic of his fist legal beer!!

Lloyd and Star 💕

Happy 21st Lloyd!!!! 🎂

We had a great day, enjoying a stroll around historic Beaufort, and then sampling some of the local delicacies at a waterfront restaurant. Lloyd and his girlfriend Star had to leave early evening to get back to their pets in Wilmington, which left me to my own devices for the remainder of the evening, and most of the next day as my return ferry from Cedar Island wasn't until 4:30pm.

So, my adventure went from Lloyd's birthday celebration..... to some awesome "me time"!

At this point I should introduce you to my travelling companion - Timothy Turtle 🐢. After watching the rehabilitated turtles released on Hatteras Village beach, I thought it would be cool to have some "turtles" in the gift shop at the inn. I managed to source some awesome turtles that are made from recycled materials, and that all come with a tracking identifier that you can use to "adopt" a real turtle on their website (proceeds go to rehabilitating turtles at the Karen Beasely Sea Turtle Hospital 😊).

I thought I would take Timothy along on some of my without further ado, let me introduce you...


So, my adventure went from Lloyd's birthday celebration..... to some wonderful "me time"!

I spent the evening sipping red wine (and yes eating cheetos😁), watching the boats go by, and reading…..I'd forgotten how much I enjoy solo travel. Although I absolutely love travelling with JB, an occasional trip on my own, is just good for my soul 💗. Over the years I have often travelled on my own (usually on business), and am super comfortable being on my own in new's something I think everyone should try to master, as you never know when you may need to travel somewhere on your own.

Morning Coffee with Timothy 🐢

In the morning after a “light breakfast”, and I mean a really “light” breakfast (this is when I realize that we provide our guests with a pretty incredible breakfast experience here at the Atlantic Inn, with cooked to order delights!), I checked out of the inn where I was staying, and did a bit of exploring….

I decided a visit to “Fort Macon” would be a good idea.....and it did not disappoint, it was wonderful - loads and loads of history to absorb, and beautiful grounds to wander around, I had a great time.

Fort Macon

The Commissary...

Loved this photo...

What an incredible place....

Timothy on guard...

Then it was back to Beaufort for a splendiferous late lunch at "The Queen Anne’s Revenge" restaurant…..before setting off back to Cedar Island to catch the 4:30pm ferry to Ocracoke.

Lunch at "Queen Anne's Revenge"

The ferry left right on time, and it was another delightful crossing with the sun shining and a light breeze, and before I knew it, we were arriving in Ocracoke.

Are we there yet????

Ocracoke views....

Ocracoke Lighthouse

The 13-mile drive from the village on Ocracoke to the Hatteras ferry was delightful....I was the only one driving on that stretch of NC 12. I was so,so lucky, as there were only 2 cars in front of me when I arrived at the ferry terminal, and I only waited 10mins before we were loaded onto the boat, and departed for Hatteras.

And to finish off a perfect couple of days......I got to watch an incredibly beautiful sunset, as we crossed the sound to my Hatteras home.

And the ferry back to my Hatteras home 💗

Quite simply......Stunning!!!!!

Before I anyone that follows my blog knows, I love to write about the beauty in life as I see it, and have spoken about how we sometimes need to look a little closer, or dig a little deeper to find that beauty, especially if we are hurt, angry, or sad - Yesterday, John's Mom passed from this world onto the next, she was in her 90th decade. Although an incredibly huge loss to his Dad, and our family, the beauty and the love that she gave to her family, and to this world was absolutely awesome.....and this is what I choose to remember💗💗💗

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....This week, try to find the beauty.... and make sure you take the time to love life and those around you

Love and Hugs,


PS. After so many weeks, it can be easy for us to forget about the people of the Ukraine, who are still suffering the atrocities of war - I'm keeping them in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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Sharon James
Sharon James
08 ביוני 2022

Haven't been on your blog for awhile and realized how much I miss you Atlantic musings and photos. Can't wait to get back there for a visit.

My heartfelt condolences on the loss of John's mother. 💔


Kate Lewis
Kate Lewis
28 במאי 2022

What a wonderful trip, cedar island is now on my list. Extend condolences to John for me…. Were they there in the spring? Your pictures are as usual incredible! Carry on ❤️👏🫂


Sybil A. Skakle
Sybil A. Skakle
25 במאי 2022

Thanks, Pam. I've made that trip and loved being with you in your discovery of those places. The pictures are fabulous. I especially like the one of Ocracoke Light, fronted by the unpainted house. Cheers! You had a wonderful day and ME TIME! Sybil Skakle.


Claudia Hurd
Claudia Hurd
24 במאי 2022

Another wonderful post! I appreciate you describing your trip as “me time”. I’ve always felt it’s not only enjoyable to travel on your own sometimes but it’s important that Women are able to be alone with themselves and be comfortable with that. I hope we get to Cedar Island sometime!


חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
24 במאי 2022

Wow Pam, looks like y’all had a nice road trip! Very pretty photos👍

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