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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

And the storm rages on....we're into day 4 of sustained 40+mph winds, with no let up until tomorrow (Thursday), when the wind speed drops, and the temperature begins to rise again.

As mentioned yesterday, my plan was to get "stuff" done and then head to the beach, and that's exactly what I did! After working around the inn, then some computer time (including loading some videos onto the "video" page on my blog website), I walked the 3mins to the dunes....the tide was coming in higher than usual, and the ocean was most definitely flexing its muscles, so walking along the shoreline wasn't possible, instead I found a safe spot where I could sit and spend time with my ocean.

Along with loads of pics of the tumultuous waters, I took a couple of videos to capture the raging seas. I thought it would be cool to post one in slow motion, which shows the incredible beauty and raw power of my ocean.

On watching the tempestuous waters, we are reminded that mother nature is the one in charge....this can also be witnessed by the failing shoreline in Rodanthe, where yesterday, two houses (fortunately uninhabited) literally fell into the ocean...washed out to sea..... with some others currently in peril of the same fate.

The ocean claims another beachside home in Rodanthe

We should always respect our oceans, and that regardless of how much we want that "ocean view" from our living room, in many circumstances building structures that we "plan" to withstand the ocean's power..... ultimately, mother nature is in charge.

Due to all the ferries being cancelled, and NC12 at Rodanthe being closed, we have had all our guests cancel....not good for the inn financially, but with the inn empty of guests, JB and I are making the best of the situation, so, last night we headed out to one of our favorite eating places "Tavern on 12" in Frisco, which thankfully had remained open. Steve, the owner, served up an incredible dinner of speckled trout for me, and wings for JB....both of which were absolutely awesome!!!!

Tavern on 12, Frisco

Then it was back to our historic home for a cozy night wrapped in my beloved quilt, to write some more 💕

I'm turning the remainder of this post over to pics of my beach...

My first view yesterday

My raging ocean pics....

Last look over my shoulder before returning to the inn...

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....please remember, humans aren't always in charge....often it's mother nature and we need to learn to adapt our plans

Love and Hugs,


PS. The brave and incredibly resilient people of the Ukraine remain in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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Sharon James
Sharon James
Jun 08, 2022

I always love the images you capture


Debi Damas
Debi Damas
May 11, 2022

Wow, that tide is very high! And you are correct, Mother Nature is in charge. But that raw power stirs my soul.

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