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Pam's Daily Wave...

Good Morning and Welcome to my Atlantic Life in Hatteras 😊

So, yesterday I did promise I would tell you the story of the incredibly beautiful quilt I was sitting on in the posted pic.

My new quilt...

Last year, I had the great fortune to meet some of the most incredible women that attended the retreats at the inn. Several of the women had visited with us previously during the summer for vacations, and had returned to attend a retreat, and other ladies, were staying at the "Atlantic Inn" for the first time for their retreat.

On the first retreat, one of the attendees that had visited with us during the summer surprised JB and me with the most amazing gifts....Becky had created the most beautiful beaded pictures that matched the name/theme of our suites/rooms. I was completely in awe of the amount of time and attention to detail that Becky had lovingly put into this incredible project....and I felt truly blessed to have Becky as a friend. The pictures were awesome!!



"Seaside" photo taken on a table as where it is hung in the suite, the light was affecting the photo

"Windchaser" - which looks like my "Surf Pup" Bodie surfing in the wind

"Scotland" for our Ayr-Arran Suite (pic of Eilean Donan Castle near Dornie in Scotland)

All were named and signed by Becky😊

Last week, 3 ladies that had attended one of the retreats last year, returned to vacation together, including Becky. I was completely overwhelmed (yes there were lots of tears 🥰) when Terry and Mary Ellen arrived and gifted me an exquisite quilt....🎁

Mary Ellen, Pam and Terry

Incredible Detail, beautiful colors....and hidden dolphins!

Terry went on to tell me that the material backing was hand dyed in Bali and was entitled "Surf", and that she had bought the fabric 10 years ago!! She had kept it this long and had often wondered what she would do with it.....and, in Terry's own words - "and then there was you!" . In the beautiful card that accompanied the quilt the note began "To say our meeting was life changing is an understatement" and concluded with "Mary Ellen and I hope that you always think of us, and I will think of you as being "cozy"...Much Love, Terry and Mary Ellen".

The awesome card that went along with my quilt

The quilt is quite simply stunning....not only are the colors of the fabric beautiful, the binding was handsewn with love, and even has "hidden" dolphins sewn into it!!!!!

My dolphins.....

Terry names her quilts, and what else would she have called this one but...."Dancing Dolphins" 🐬🐬🐬, and before they left my beautiful quilt was officially named and signed 🥰

Terry signing my quilt

Terry instructed me (as a former O.R. nurse leader, Terry knows how to get her point across only another healthcare provider can truly appreciate😉), that my quilt was meant to be used.....even at the beach. That the more I used it and washed it, the softer it would become (and it is already super soft!), in other words, the more I use my beautiful quilt, the more love it will hold 💗. This makes the quilt even more precious to me, as I can use it every day....and, as can be seen from the pic yesterday, I'm already putting it to good use.

My fave leather chair in the main guest lounge with my cozy quilt!

I have no words to say how much this quilt means to me, not just that it is truly beautiful or that I know how much work was put into it....but even more importantly - it was made with love.... and no matter how hard you try, you can never buy this kind of love, it can only come in the form of a gift 💕

Before they left we had cozy, "Dancing Dolphins" hugs...

Dancing Dolphin Hugs...

Terry, Mary Ellen and Becky have all returned back home to their respective states, and I just want to thank them all again for their incredible gift of friendship and I so look forward to the next time we get together.

Until Next Time...

Take care, Stay Safe and....Is there something you can "gift" that will show someone you love them?

Love and Hugs,


PS. Keeping the resilient and brave people of the Ukraine in my thoughts and prayers 🙏

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Sharon James
Sharon James
Jun 08, 2022

That quilt is beyond beautiful. It definitely reflects the love with which it was made. Quilting is such a personal craft. I'm glad I was able to meet these ladies at the retreat last year.


Jan Burris
Jan Burris
May 06, 2022

So love this piece of sharing & love.


Claudia Hurd
Claudia Hurd
May 06, 2022

What a beautiful quilt and the pictures are so pretty! And such very special gifts, truly from the heart💕


That quilt is amazing and such a beautiful gesture of care, love and friendship. There are special days when we know we are truly blessed.


Unknown member
May 05, 2022

How wonderful is that! All of it! They are special friends indeed. ❤️

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